Swiss Watch – FLANKO Golden Goblet series watch to develop the brand spirit of grace and depth precisely

By on November 25th, 2015.
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8 It is reported that skeleton watch keeps to be elegant and the highest style one in fashion world. In the year of 2015 when various companies spare no effort to exhibit the beauty of these machines, such as Tonda 1950 Skeleton of Parmigiani, Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon, Roger Dubuis Excalibur and Ralph Lauren’s new work-Automotive.

Developing the brand of spirit

Because of the Golden Goblet series inheriting the spirit of Flanko——which is the “Partrimony Traditionnelle” and life highlighting. Fashionable design and accurate durable performance has become the iconic characteristic of it. It is quite easy to make people imagine the free and easiness about operating a SUV with striking six column wheels exhibiting bold design, strong dynamic arrogance spreading everywhere. The wheel surface decorated with black textured painting echoes the case outer ring in dark color, with which compared electrical IP golden Skeleton movement become more prominent.

Blending ruggedness and exquisiteness, mixing up shyness and sexiness

The case outer ring goes with the sixty-minute timing identification, innovating the visual aesthetic of the whole swiss replica watches, like most of the dashboard, showing a conceal analogy in generality of Machine Aesthetic between cars and watches. A dial of 44mm matched with three needles, people who can be confident to dominate this type of watches’ vogue which are creative and fashionable in new season.

The second hand designed from the FLANKO’s logo smart utilizes red color to decorate the end, like a slender sword making the design more fashion-forward, concise and mechanical. Meanwhile, Sapphire looking glass ensures its clarity and durability.

So to speak, the Flanko’s new work of F-9043G-DH in series of Golden Goblet with the contrastive aesthetic of blending in ruggedness and exquisiteness and mixture of shyness and sexiness is tailored for the wise and farsighted people who go after fashion and quality demonstrating the calm demeanor of penetrating the fleeting time, remaining indifference and fearlessness.

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